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Welcome to Jin Valley Productions

Welcome, and thank you for making us a choice in top quality entertainment. Jin Valley Productions is a premier choice in entertainment and atmosphere for any event. We specialize in providing entertianment and M.C. services for weddings, business gatherings, parties, community events & more! If you are looking to enhance an event with professionally designed lighting, audio/visual reinforcement, or hosting we want to be your first choice. Browse our site to find out all the services we provide.

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New Section of Photo Galleries

Steel Wedding Photo Album

Have you been to some of our events recently and want to relive the moments or did you miss the event and want to see all the fun? Whatever the reason, you can head over to our new Past Event Photos Page and see all the images our Jin Valley Productions staff took! Not only will we be having images here, but you'll soon be able to see some of our edited videos and video snippets. Think of it as an "all-access media pass" to every Jin Valley Production Event!

Monthly Feature

Up Lighting: Create Your Atmosphere in any Space.

Up Lighting or atmospheric lighting is not necessairly a new craze sweeping the event world; however, it has recently been gaining more and more attention. Why is up lighting a "must have" at your next event and what should I be expecting to pay for a service like this? This month we will be taking a looking into the features that up lighting brings, and some of the best ways to apply it in any event situation.
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